Hello! Welcome to my blog!

I am a Seattle-based data scientist at Metis.

Previously, I worked as a Data Analyst and Economic Consultant for 5 years, designing regulatory policies and tariff for public utilities through econometric techniques. The extensive quantitative analysis learned from this experience sparked my interest in experimenting with more tools to find patterns in data, and to identify the most appropriate method for solving a problem.

In this blog you will find some of my recent projects. As you can see, my experience includes programming, statistics, economic modeling and machine learning for different industries. I’m highly motivated and always eager to keep learning.

If you have questions and/or thoughts on anything you find here, feel free to contact me.


Data Science Certificate - Metis (2018)

MS Economics - Barcelona Gradute School of Economics (2015)

BS Electrical Engineering - Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (2012)

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